Carve Tahoe is proud to support the Sierra Avalanche Center through your generous donations when you vote for your favorite sculpture. SAC's volunteers provide the manpower to make the Carve 20-30 ton blocks of snow, provide snow clean-up, and help provide assistance to the carvers during their arduous quest to create beautiful works of art! We ask that when you vote for your favorite sculpture, you place at least $1 into the Sierra Avalanche Center donation box.

If you'd like to donate before the event, or want to donate directly to SAC, visit


The Sierra Avalanche Center (SAC) is a partnership between the Tahoe National Forest and a not for profit Board of Directors. SAC provides backcountry avalanche advisories for the central Sierra Nevada mountains. The not for profit arm of SAC provides the necessary funding to employ and support two professional avalanche forecasters through a mix of donations and fund raising events. The Tahoe National Forest provides infrastructure support in the form of office space, office equipment, office services, vehicles, fuel, safety equipment, and daily supervision of the forecasters.

The mission of the Sierra Avalanche Center includes disseminating current snow pack stability information to the general public; providing educational information, knowledge, and understanding of avalanches to recreational users and groups; and facilitating communication in the region to reduce the impact of avalanches on recreation, industry, and transportation through a partnership with the United States Forest Service.