OCT 15

Carvers arrive from around the world to eat, drink, be merry and carve 200 tons of sand at Sports Basement. This is going to be good!


OCT 16

Today is Carve Pound Up Day! From 7am to 7pm, Carvers build wooden forms, pour sand into the forms, and start layering water and sand to create their blocks.


OCT 17

From 7am to 7pm, the Carvers continue to sculpt. We're not quite set up for the big party yet, but we'd love for you to stop by and say hello! The Carvers are pretty nice, they'll talk to you if you buy them lunch.


OCT 18

  • 7am-6pm Carvers Sculpt
  • 3pm-6pm The Official Party Starts!
  • Sponsor Tents Open, Carve Bars, & Food Trucks open
  • 6:15pm Surf Movie at Sports Basement:  North of the Sun


OCT 19

  • 7am-3pm Carvers Sculpt
  • 9am-6pm The Party Continues
  • 12noon Yoga Class with Rusty
  • 3pm Judging
  • 4pm Awards Ceremony
  • 6:15pm Surf Movie at Sports Basement


OCT 20

  • Completed Sculptures on Display
  • 9am-4pm The Party Wraps Up
  • 4pm Announcement of People's Choice
  • Thank you for visiting Carve!